Meet Our Pastor

Reverend  Wagner

Reverend Hugh-Alleyn is a graduate of Brite Divinity at Texas Christian University and was ordained on December 2, 2000. Hugh was the pastor at Newberry CPC in Milsap, TX, for approximately fifteen years and was the longest consecutively serving pastor in the church's 150 year history.

Hugh-Alleyn Wagner was born to Michael Quiggle Wagner and Rita Heist Wagner on September 18, 1948 at Kindley AFB, Bermuda. Rita was born in St. Kitts and Michael was born in Pennsylvania. They met and married during WWII while Michael was stationed in Bermuda. They had three children, all born in Bermuda: Michael, Hugh, and Donna.

Although Hugh is originally from Bermuda, he has lived many years in the Azores, New Jersey, Texas, and now Arkansas. Hugh and Frances  reside in Lost Bridge Village, Garfield, AR. Both Hugh and Frances have worked for American Airlines for about 40 years each, and feel very privileged to have been flight attendant instructors and ambassadors of good will (flight attendants) for American Airlines. At American they taught Emergency Procedure Training and Recurrent Ditching Training. They were based in Dallas/Fort Worth international airport and enjoy flying to Europe, South America, Japan and Hawaii. 

Hugh and Frances have been married for 46 years. They met in Bermuda, married and moved to Alpine New Jersey where they attended William Paterson College to obtain their teaching degrees. Frances was born in Coatbridge, Scotland, and moved, as a young girl, to the south of England (Surrey) where she lived until she was 19. She then moved to New York to live and work.  They consider themselves proud to be American citizens and live in the USA.

They have two lovely daughters: Jessie and Charlotte, who both now live in NWA. Jessie has her Master’s from the University of British Columbia.  Charlotte is a graduate of Texas A&M in Galveston, Texas. Frances and Hugh have been blessed with their first grandchild, Claudia Louise Wagner, the apple of their eye!


Pastor Hugh is more than willing to share his Faith Journey with you or any interested group. Please contact him if you are interested, and may you have a blessed day.


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