We strive to be a Great Commission church, dedicating at  least 10% of our budget to Missions and Benevolence purposes. 


Our Missions support, both financial and volunteering, focuses  on local organizations that make Jesus Christ an integral part of  their purpose.
Our Missions partners are:

Saving Grace - Northwest Arkansas  

a Christ-centered home in Northwest Arkansas offering hope and transformation to young women  who are lacking critical supports. We provide relationships, skills, and resources to empower  generational change. 

Souls Harbor - Rogers Arkansas  

a Christian transitional community, providing shelter and care for men in recovery.  

National T.T.T. society - Northwest Arkansas 

sponsoring two 4th/5th grade girls from Garfield Elementary for a week of Christian summer  camp at Camp War Eagle 

Our Benevolence support focuses on local organizations making  a positive difference in our community as well as families/ individuals during a time of need.
Our Benevolence partners are: 

God’s Pantry

Garfield Elementary School

Lost Bridge Village POA

We annually award the Dean Newberry Scholarship to 1-3 young
men and women pursuing undergraduate/graduate degrees,
demonstrating superior academic achievement and exhibiting the
values as lived by our former pastor, Reverend Dean Newberry